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High-Speed Tac Med - Hospital Active-Shooter Training
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Hospital and Healthcare Response Preparedness Programs

(Los Angeles, CA - Hospital)

High-Speed Tac Med offers realistic response programs for hospitals and healthcare providers.  Many of these programs support Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements and Injury and Illness Prevention Plans (IIPP).  Programs consist of detailed plans, on-site training sessions, and drills for:

  • ACTIVE-SHOOTER RESPONSE EXERCISE: Site-specific exercise for responding law enforcement to test and confirm their ability to stop the threat and treat the injured.  Optional: employees may participate by responding appropriately using the "Run, Hide, Fight, Treat" methodology.
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Site-specific program on how to resolve internal / external issues related to business operations, guidelines on responses for natural disasters, terrorist activities, power outages, civil unrest, and other incidents - includes written plan, training on how to set up and utilize an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and drills.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY: SIte-specific program on how to plan for "Zero Day" viruses, malicious malware, external hackers, power outages, spam, phishing, server isolation, and other disruptions - includes written plan, training, and drills for shut downs, server isolation, and mass communication.
  • EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Evacuation and shelter-in-place site-specific written plan, guidelines which supplement the response from emergency professionals and provides training, drills, and debriefs for incidents including earthquakes, fires, severe weather, power outages, and other emergency situations.
  • MEDICAL RESPONSE: Site-specific written plan, response protocol to supplement emergency the response from emergency professionals, AED monitoring, drills, and exercises; Red Cross Adult Training (response guidelines for First Aid, CPR, & AED - including strokes, shock, fainting, allergic reactions, seizures, burns, bites, fractures, bone and tissue injuries, sprains, choking, rescue breathing, comprehensive tourniquet training for uncontrolled mass arterial bleeding, and more).
  • MANAGEMENT OF AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR ("MOAB"): Principles, techniques, and skills for recognizing, reducing, and  managing violent and aggressive behavior.
  • SECURITY RESPONSE PROGRAM: Site-specific program for active-shooter ( internal / external threat), suspicious mail / packages, civil unrest, and bomb threats; includes written plan, guidelines, training, and drills.


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High-Speed Tac Med offers an educational session to provide general guidelines and hands-on training for responding to active-shooter incidents.  This session supports compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.  This is intended for staff who are responsible for training and educating other employees.



     - Insight on what to expect when an active-shooter is on-site


     - Overview of the "Run, Hide, Fight" guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security

     - Overview of the "Stop the Bleed" initiative as encouraged by the Department of Homeland Security

     - Hands-on tourniquet basic training and proficiency exercises

     - Information on how to train employees

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