High-Speed Tac Med offers information sessions to provide general guidelines on responding to different emergency, medical, security, and business incidents.

  • ACTIVE-SHOOTER: Overview of increase in active-shooter incidents in the U.S., what to expect when an active-shooter is on-site and what to do when law enforcement arrives; "Run, Hide, Fight" guidelines and insight on "Stop the Bleed" Initiative and tourniquet use from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • ADVANCE TRAVEL PLANNING: Overview on how to protect travelers, guidelines on how to monitor and mitigate security and medical incidents, responding to incidents, and country risk assessments; this planning supports Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and Duty of Care requirements.
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Overview on how to prepare businesses for internal / external issues such as: man-made or natural disasters, terrorist activities, power outages, civil unrest, and other incidents.  Information on how utilizing an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) can facilitate options for faster recovery, and employee accountability. Supports businesses in negotiations with potential clients.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY: Overview on how to plan for "Zero Day" viruses, malicious malware, external hackers, power outages, spam, phishing, server isolation, and other disruptions; provides options for faster recovery and supports businesses in negotiations with potential clients.
  • EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS: Overview on recent incidents, response protocol from various agencies, the need for developing a plan, building a kit, and practicing the plan.
  • EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Overview of response protocol from various agencies, recent incidents, the need for developing a plan, building supply kits, monitoring the situation, practicing the plan, evacuation maps, and communication plans.
  • MEDICAL RESPONSE: Overview of how to be effective in medical emergencies, how to establish a response team, and the importance of conducting drills.
  • SECURITY RESPONSE:Overview of response protocols for different security incidents including active-shooter (internal / external), workplace violence, suspicious mail / packages, bomb threats, and civil unrest.
  • TOURNIQUET TRAINING: Hands-on tourniquet training and practice for proficiency - based on Department of Homeland Security's "Stop the Bleed" initiative.


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(Active-Shooter Information Session)

High-Speed Tac Med Earthquake Preparedness Information Session
High-Speed Tac Med Active-Shooter Information Session

(Earthquake Preparedness Information Session)


High-Speed Tac Med Business Continutiy Preparedness Information Session

(Business Continuity Information Session)