The Woodward Tac Med Kit is a vacuum-sealed pack designed to fit in the pocket of a suit jacket.  It is the FAVORITE among government and private protection agencies - providing key items needed to save a life.  This kit makes it easy to deploy the necessary life-saving items when seconds count.  

Each kit contains:

     (1) SOFTT-Wide Gen 3 Tourniquet
     (1) Chest Seal (2-pack)
     (1) Trauma Bandage


The Hollinger Tac Med Thigh Kit was specially designed by our medical officer - to provide a PROVEN tac med platform for first responders.  Convenient Fastex receiver can stay on the duty belt, allowing for fast attachment during response.  This kit focuses on life-saving applications in active-shooter and bomb blast incidents.  

Each kit contains:

     (2) SOFTT-Wide Gen 3 Tourniquets
     (2) Hyfin Chest Seals
     (2) Trauma Bandages
     (1) Tactical Thigh Kit
     (1) Permanent Marker (black)
     (1) Medical Shear
     (1) Green Light Stick
     (1) Red Light Stick
     (4) Nitrile Exam Gloves

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The Hollinger

High-Speed Tac Med - The Woodward medical supply kit - tourniquet, chest seal, trauma bandage

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High-Speed Tac Med - The Hollinger Medical Kit - includes tourniquets, chest seals, trauma dressings, and other supplies

The Woodward

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