(Building Evacuation Test)

High Speed Tac Med - Emergency Response Evaluation and Testing

(Medical Response Test)

High-Speed Tac Med - Medical Response Evaluation and Testing

(Fire Extinguisher Testing)


High-Speed Tac Med can assess, test, and provide feedback on an organization's emergency, medical, security, international travel, business continuity, and disaster recovery programs.  The team will do an  assessment, review existing plans, and develop scenarios for on-site testing.  Organizations will be provided with detailed notes, response timings and after-action reports with recommendations. 

The key to having a successful response to an incident is to:  conduct assessments, create a plan, prepare for the incident with appropriate supplies, conduct drills, and test the effectiveness of the plan and response.

  • ACTIVE-SHOOTER: Do employees know how to respond when there is an active-shooter on-site or nearby?  
  • ADVANCE TRAVEL PLANNING: Do travelers and administrators know how to respond to an international travel incident (i.e., medical, security, etc.)?
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Does the organization effectively set up an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when there is an internal / external incident such as: man-made or natural disasters, terrorist activities, power outages, civil unrest, and other incidents?  Is there an effective communication plan for employees, suppliers, vendors, and clients?
  • DISASTER RECOVERY: Is there an effective plan in place to get the organization back to normal operations after "Zero Day" viruses, malicious malware, external hackers, power outages, spam, phishing, server isolation, and other disruptions?
  • EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS: A major earthquake can leave an organization and employees without help for days.  Is there an effective plan in place to have full employee accountability, supplies on-hand, means of communication and capabilities for monitoring the situation?
  • EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Is there an effective plan for building evacuations or shelter-in-place which allows for full employee accountability in minutes, building supply kits, ability to monitor the situation, evacuation maps, and mass communication with employees?
  • MEDICAL RESPONSE: How effective is the organization at being able to respond quickly and effectively to medical emergencies?
  • SECURITY RESPONSE: Does the organization have an effective plan to react to active-shooter incidents, bomb threats, suspicious packages, and civil unrest?


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High-Speed Tac Med - Emergency Response Evaluation and Testing